Because Sometimes There are No Words – Rev. Dr. Linda Thomas

I remembered Charleston this weekend when once again I saw a community gathered in a sacred space in the midst of a holy ritual murdered in cold blood. As Jews celebrated a bris – the Jewish celebration of circumcision and life for newborn baby boys – the horrific occurred again— eleven people were slain at the Tree of Life synagogue in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburg, PA We also witnessed violence by a man inspired by the President of the United States, who sent pipe-bombs to people and a news station, people simply exercising their constitutional right to raise reasonable questions, especially to raise question of leader who consistently uses false, polarizing rhetoric from the lofty heights of the US Presidency.

Then, once again, was the cold-blooded, racist murder of two black people in Louisville, Kentucky – murders which received little news coverage. The shooter, a white male and avowed racist, was even apprehended alive with no struggle, as though the execution style killing of two black bystanders was of no significance – such a crime in clear violation of those who are made in God’s image.

Here at We Talk. We Listen. most of our posts are scheduled well in advance, but we have been known to delay publication for a day or two when an event calls us to do so in order to find the appropriate voice to bring a reflection. With the pain of this past weekend, and with all of these voices, we just haven’t been able to find someone to help us lead a way forward.

But we are looking, dear readers. We are looking.

And as we do, know that we love all of you and that Jesus is with us in this mess.

All of us.